Edmonton - Heart of the City


Downtown Edmonton is the heart of the city. A strong downtown core creates a strong city and capital region. Edmonton's downtown is full of potential.

The City of Edmonton is committed to revitalizing the downtown to create a prosperous and vibrant community that is a hub of commercial, social and cultural activity. Downtown Edmonton will be more dynamic and livable. Diverse housing options, new public transit choices, increased walkability, and many new businesses will turn the heart of our city into a mixed-use, active community. This community will attract a wide range of people into downtown Edmonton to visit, work, play and live.

With major projects like the Boyle Renaissance and the new North LRT line to NAIT underway, and many more projects on the horizon, downtown Edmonton is growing.
In order to spur and accelerate new development, the City of Edmonton is investing in catalyst projects throughout the downtown area. These projects include the downtown arena, projects in the Quarters Downtown, Jasper Avenue revitalization, and park development.

Increased private investment has already occurred with the new construction of residential and commercial buildings, and much more is expected to come.

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